Mama's Pizza now Trani's GrilleHistory

Starting out as "Mama's Pizza" 11 years ago, Trani's Grille has evolved into one of Covington's most treasured community restaurants.

Owner Mike Trani, originally from New Jersey, came to Covington over 11 years ago and partnered with some friends to form "Mama's Pizza."  Mike eventually became sole owner and decided he wanted the restaurant to become "more of his own." Therefore, Mike decided to name the restaurant using his last name "Trani."

About Mike Trani and His Vision for the Restaraunt

Mike and Trani's Grille's goal is to welcome visitors with excellent service, great food, and a friendly atmosphere. Mike was welcomed by the Covington community over 11 years ago and now feels like the community is his family. He wants his restaurant to do the same for his visitors.


"Cadendo impariamo a camminare" is Italian for "By falling we learn to walk."

Being a parent, Mike understands the importance of family and puts his son, Gryson, before everything else. Therefore, you can be assured that Trani's Grille will envelope all the qualities of a well run family and community based restaurant.